PERISTALTIC PUMP water delivery           back to  UPGRADES   

Replaces the old-style, fiddley, algae covered B & H water tower with a variable speed pump driven alternative.

Consists of a peristaltic pump (as used in medical applications) together with a 5 litre reservoir inside the inserter cabinet and a speed control and on/off switch mounted where the water tower used to be.

    Old style water tower 

  • when water is needed the pump is switched on 
  • amount of water delivered to the brush is regulated by a dial speed control mounted near the water brush
  • a non-return valve in the water supply tube prevents water draining back to the reservoir when pump is switched off

Advantages :-                                                                                                                                     

             * 'fine' control of water supplied to brush    * large (5litre) reservoir inside machine cabinet               

                * very reliable 'medical' style pump            * virtually no algae build-up because reservoir not in daylight