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The perfect suction folders for smaller format folding.

The Morgana Junior has been designed to offer a wide range of 'big machine' features within a compact and easy to operate design. 

Changing from one size to another size, or for different folds, can be accomplished in seconds.

The Junior incorporates counting and batching, with perforating and scoring as standard in the UK and optional elsewhere.

A number of unique features have been developed to ensure that the Junior can handle output from digital processes, as well as litho printing.

These differing printing or imaging processes can affect the characteristics of the paper and create curled or easily marked material. 

The Junior easily compensates for these situations and has been designed for both very short or very long run lengths.

Like all Morgana products, the Junior offers unmatched performance and value.

A ‘Register Table’ to align sheets before folding to ensure accuracy.

‘Variable speed’ up to 17,000 sheets/hr.

The fold rollers are extremely durable and have the ability to handle stock from 45 gsm2 to 160 gsm2 without adjustment. Their unique composite material will positively grip high gloss papers or work from digital printers and they are not affected by paper dust or spray powder.

Compactness - Work is delivered back to the operator via a long belt stacker, ensuring that the  Junior utilises the minimum 'footprint'. An operator can load or off-load the machine from one position.

Simplicity - Paper is positioned against a side lay and there is just one setting on the loading table when changing sheet sizes.

Perforating/Scoring - Plug-in technology is a standard feature and allows the operator to set the perforating/scoring unit prior to use. A catch-tray collects the work.

'Dial-a-Fold' plate settings which enables all adjustments to be made without removing the covers. An LED display accurate to 0.1mm shows the fold plate position and allows easy and accurate repeat job settings.

Standard Counting/Batching is operated from the same control panel.
Low noise levels.
Pulsed action suction feed.
Optional rear delivery for heavier materials.

The MAJOR is the successor to the Junior with similar capabilities except it will take sheets up to 630mm x 365mm and will operate at up to 27,000 sheets per hour.

The DOCU-FOLD is similar to the Junior except that it automatically senses sheet dimensions and sets the fold lengths according to the type of fold required. Individual job settings can be easily stored as programs.

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