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UFO Suction Feed Folders                                click for details of Junior, Major & Docufold folders  

For over a decade the UFO suction folding machine has been the best selling folder in its class - not just in the UK, but also in markets throughout the world.

A number of reasons contribute towards its appeal these include: easy to setup, high productivity with over 30,000 sheets per hour achievable on A4 size paper. Large capacity with loading on the run , proven reliability and flexibility, together with a range of cross folding attachments. In addition, its heavy duty construction , ensures that UFO folding machines will give years of productivity and hold a high residual value.


Bullet Point up to 30,000 sheets per hour
Bullet Point Low noise level, compressor in cabinet
Bullet Point Mobile
Bullet Point Variable speed conveyor  delivery
Bullet Point Unmatched load capacity
Bullet Point Fast, easy set-up
Bullet Point Pulsed action (or stream) suction feed
Bullet Point Single position load and off-load
Bullet Point Counting and batching as standard
Bullet Point Electronic suction length adjustment
Bullet Point Combination fold rollers with pressure settings



Differing from the standard UFO folder only by virtue of its smaller size (up to A3 material), the UFO II is designed to provide the same high productivity folding at an entry level price.
It shares most of the features of the larger unit and accepts the same range of stock weights and sizes.

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Optional cross-fold units can link with the UFO folder in five different ways to provide a multiplicity of folding combinations. These units may also be linked in tandem to extend the number of parallel folds.
Lay may be left or right handed and the lay edges always follow those of the printing press. Like the folder itself, the UFO cross-fold units need the minimum of set-up time.


The UFO can be fitted with a swing-up perforating and scoring unit which fits onto the rear of the folder. This perforates and scores in a straight line from feed through to delivery, with the finished sheets delivered flat.


These are smaller format suction folders, designed for the user who wants extremely simple set-up and operation with the absolute minimum of operator adjustment.  

The Morgana Junior is capable of producing up to 17,000 sheets/hr. and will handle a maximum sheet size of 450mm x 320mm. It also includes counting and batching as a standard feature whilst the unit also incorporate a plug in perforating device to further enhance the flexibility of the Morgana Junior.

The Morgana Major is the successor to the Junior with similar capabilities except it will take sheets up to 630mm x 365mm and will operate at up to 27,000 sheets per hour.

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The Morgana Docu-Fold is a fully automatic suction feed folder designed to compliment the Junior. The Docu-Fold takes automation to a new level because it recognizes sheet lengths and adjusts both the fold plates and delivery rollers according to the type of fold required. All the operator has to do is select the type of fold required from a simple to use control panel and the Docu-Fold does the rest. The Docu-fold can store up to 6 job settings for retrieval at a later date and like the Morgana Junior it also comes complete with counting and batching and a plug in perforator.

  For rebuilt MORGANA folders see current stock

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