LARA REH POLYWRAPPER     (see current stock for availability)

Automatic medium speed wrapper either hand fed directly or hand fed onto a 'pegged' conveyor or automatically from feeders onto the conveyor. Output is also onto a conveyor.

Operates consistantly at up to 2,300 wraps per hour using continuous roll film.        

 Easy to set up and operate.       Feeders are 'wheel-away' and therefore can be added as and when.

Print registration can be fitted at extra cost.                  

Custom built 'pegged' conveyors for hand or auto-feed, built to spec. 

Optional variable speed output conveyor

input end (conveyor not shown) LARA sealing area - input from conveyor on right (not shown) - output to conveyor (not shown) on left LARA - controls side

LARA POLYWRAPPING SYSTEM - see it in operation -->  video clip

  Input conveyor to rear of picture

  Input conveyor with push pegs

     Collated inserts entering 'throat'

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