EASYWRAP  Programmable 'Drop-in' Polywrapper                          (see current stock for availability)

The EASYWRAP Polythene Wrapping System is semi-automatic and does not require pre-formed polybags or folded film as it forms the mail wrapping on the fly from low cost, roll fed, polythene sheet. This enables  in-house poly-wrapping that previously was not a cost-effective option at up to 1,200 wraps per hour at a material cost of around 8 per 1000 !

It is supplied complete with an integral conveyor raising the wrapped mailing piece to table height or dropping it straight into a mailbag.

This new and much improved version of earlier drop-in Polywrappers is :-

Fast up to 1,200 items/hr.   Easy & quick to set up    

Simple to use 

Has re-settable batch and total counts & has 10 programs for retrieval of individual job settings !


low cost, roll fed, polythene sheet.  


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