AMS Autowrap POLYWRAPPER         (see current stock for availability)    

Automatic medium speed wrapper either hand fed directly or hand fed onto a 'pegged' conveyor or automatically from feeders onto the conveyor. Output is also onto a conveyor.

* Operates consistantly at up to 3,500 wraps per hour using continuous roll film.              * Easy to set up and operate.

* Print registration can be fitted at extra cost.                  * Feeders are 'wheel-away' and therefore can be added as and when.

Custom built 'pegged' conveyors for hand or auto-feed, built to spec. 
Optional variable speed output conveyor 


  • Operating Speed: Up to 3600 A4 size mail-pieces per hour
  • Material Size: Width: 300mm Length 440mm Thickness: up to 40mmPolyethylene (PE): The recommended thickness is 20 to 50 microns
  • Dimensions: Length: 250cm, Width: 96cm , Height: 110cm, Weight: 300kg
  • Power Supply: 220-240V~ac, 50-60hz single phase
                                low cost, roll fed, polythene sheet.
Wrapping unit (conveyors and KAS feeder not shown)

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