STEILOW SESAM III letter extractor                                (see current stock for availability)



  • desk sized
  • medium to heavy use
  • automatic sucker feed from hopper
  • slits along bottom of envelope
  • slits right-hand side of envelope
  • back of envelope is gripped
  • front is pulled open for contents removal
  • when removed envelope is ejected


Unopened envelopes are stacked in the hopper (LH rear) & are automatically picked & placed on the front track where they move left to right and the bottom is slit off.

They then move towards the back where the right-hand edge is slit away.

They are then transferred (upright) along to where the contents are removed by hand from the envelope which is automatically held open.

When the hand withdraws with the contents it triggers the empty envelope to be stacked or discarded into a bin below.

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