IntegraVision solutions can acquire data from a wide range of scanner and camera devices. The LIS MaxRead range of integrated Camera/ Illumination/Optics modules can be implemented alongside standard camera technology and a wide range of serial input devices such as Barcode or 2D scanners, Magnetic stripe and Chip readers etc         

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The software part of INTEGRAVISION is modular and therefore highly flexible and simple to tailor to  individual requirements.

Matching controller option offers :-

Match Controller data sheet (.26Mb - NB. use Explorer's 'back a page' control after viewing PDF)

Multiple personalised items can be automatically matched at full production speeds. Mismatched items can be identified and the production process held in 'stop condition' until the machine operator has rectified the errors, preventing mismatched pieces entering the production stream For Inserters  polywrappers stitchers attachers laser  inkjet printers

With the availability of increased personalised data driving mailing campaigns, combined with data protection legislation, it has become necessary to introduce automation and integrity into the matched mail production process.

Traditionally performed by hand or by using OMR or Barcode the process is slow and inherently inaccurate. In many cases the format of coding, such as Barcode, restricts the clients ability to fully exploit the design of the mail piece and maximise its personal impact. The implementation of the IntegraVision Match Controller allows full personalised matching between feeders at full production speeds using any combination of camera or scanner technology.

What's more the ability of the IntegraVision OCR tool allows the use of discrete, client friendly, sequence codes, typically in a 6 or 8 point font, for 100% matching control. In the event the system detects an error condition the process is stopped, allowing the operator to correct the error before continuing the enclosing process.

In addition the same solution can be used to verify front to back matching for duplex printing application in continuous print and web environments.

With the development of UV or IR inks the matching code can be virtually invisible to the recipient.    

Batching controller option offers :-

Batch Controller Datasheet (.75Mb - NB. use Explorer's 'back a page' control after viewing PDF)

Mailsort breaks can be identified, tracked through the production process and controlled, using an in-line stacker, divert,  batch conveyor or edge marker, thereby reducing manual labour at the output end of mail processing equipment For Inserters  polywrappers stitchers laser inkjet printers

The high speed imaging and data acquisition capability of an IntegraVision solution in combination with it's powerful data processing functionality can enhance the performance of a wide range of mailing, printing and finishing equipment.

It's unique, configurable interface can provide the right data formats to drive selective feeders, collators and other production and finishing equipment, automating a wide range of process functions from either a discrete code on the prime document, or the input print file.

The flexible and modular approach enables simple machine and process enhancements to satisfy initial requirements. However the system can then be upgraded to provide sophisticated automation and integrity control capabilities for either new or existing machinery.

IntegraVision automation can drive increased throughput, reduce labour costs and increase process integrity. 


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Data Collection (2.2Mb)  Flexible data collection throughout an entire print and mailing production facility.
Exit Scanning (2.1Mb)

Advanced Line Scan imaging technology, IntegraVisionLS can image data ranging from a single character up  to an entire C4 envelope and perform multiple inspections simultaneously.

IntegraVision (2.65Mb)

Pulls together the images and data from a wide variety of camera and scanner based technologies and allows the implementation of any number of IntegraVision software tools to read, control, inspect, verify, log and report providing quality inspection and print data integrity.

IntegraVisionLS v2 (1.74Mb) 

Using a high resolution Line Scan camera, IntegraVisionLS can acquire large format images of an entire C4 envelope or continuous web for multiple, simultaneous, quality and integrity inspections.

IntegrityTools v2 (.82Mb)

The IntegraVision suite of Integrity tools provides a scalable solution for all document printers and processors, where end of line integrity verification is critical for production quality, liability protection and client satisfaction.

LIS IntegraScan (1.89Mb)

The IntegraVision line scan camera is capable of imaging an entire web (up to 400mm wide) for narrow web and plastic card printing applications. Unlike area scan cameras which capture a specific area of a document with one snapshot, line scan cameras have a single line array of sensors which process a target moving underneath the camera and build the image one entire line at a time.

Read and Print (2.5Mb)

IntegraVision technology provides data stream links to the document tracking and print controllers, which in turn drive a variety of printing technologies

Reports v2 (1.4Mb) Provide comprehensive reporting functionality for document printing and mail processing applications where data integrity, proof of processing and audit trail accountability is critical.
IntegraVision Server (1.2Mb)r

An IntegraVision Server Solution combines multiple IntegraVision installations with an IntegraVision network and server. Delivering comprehensive integrity and productivity reports, IntegraVision Server can reconcile print and mail jobs shared across multiple print and finishing processes within a facility.

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