We offer several levels of one day, on-site training courses relating to  Bell & Howell, Mailcrafter, Couvertec, Mandagraf and Pitney Bowes inserters as well as other equipment.  

Remember the profitability your business will depend on, among other things, the skill of your machine operators. 

Skilled machine operation is an essential element of productivity, without it throughput is reduced, having an impact on  margins. If a machine is not set up and adjusted correctly to get maximum sustainable throughput, then money is effectively being wasted. Skills are not acquired automatically, they must be taught and re-enforced by experience on the job. It is not reasonable to select a person from the warehouse or hand enclosing section and expect them to be able to operate complicated, dangerous and expensive machinery. Some of them (especially those with a mechanical aptitude) will eventually be successful but the majority will not and will cost you money. We believe It is worth investing in your operators by training and rewarding them - a good operator is worth his or her weight in gold !

Course title Aimed at Covers Price/day
Introduction to operating complete beginner how the machine works, safety considerations, the importance of sustained throughput, general operating principles, basic setup   395
Machine operating a few weeks experience safety considerations, the importance of sustained throughput, machine setup, basic fault-finding, fault logging, correction and maintenance procedures   395
Advanced machine operating 2-4 months experience safety considerations, the importance of sustained throughput, organisation of workflow, how to get the most out of the machine, how to recognise timing problems    395
Timing and other mechanical considerations   at least a years solid experience includes all areas covered in the previous three courses plus how to resolve major set up problems, introduction to timing, step by step procedure from 'long-stroke' starting point to final run to obtain the greatest sustainable throughput                               ******2 day course******   425

BENEFITS include    a) greater throughput        b) less downtime       c) meeting deadlines      d) higher staff morale   

Price includes on-site instruction, 9.30 - 16.00, for up to 3 people within a 50 mile radius of the centre of London. A mileage charge of 40p will be charged for places further away. A machine, and the attendees, must be available for instruction for the whole period without interruption.