To operate effectively and reliably a machine must be looked after, it should be kept clean, lightly oiled,  regularly maintained and repaired when necessary. It does not make sense to pay a lot of money for a machine, neglect it and then expect it to run profitably. A machine cannot be operated effectively with worn suckers, detection bulbs gone, stripped screw-threads, frayed drive belts, bent insert hold-down ‘skis’, distorted hold-down strips, rust around the water drainer, worn cams and followers etc.etc. 

Why put up with poorly functioning equipment losing you money for every hour it runs (or does not run) ?

We offer a full repair and overhaul service either on-site or in our workshops. This can range from bulb or fuse replacement up to the installing of one of our 'off-the-shelf' complete envelope beds.

This can be on either a time and materials basis or, especially for the larger jobs, on a fixed price basis


ENVELOPE BED SWAP exchange your old worn out envelope bed for a 20/20 overhauled one      details
DETECTION REPLACEMENT replacement of the old B & H electronic detection by the very simple 20/20 detection     details