20/20 operates a comprehensive maintenance service covering a large range of mailing and related equipment.

This can be 'ad hoc' on a time and materials basis or by an annually renewable contract

The annual maintenance contract includes

20/20 MAINTENANCE PHILOSPHY                                        

  • machine down-time must be kept to the minimum - to achieve this the customer, as a first line, is encouraged, in consultation with a 20/20 engineer, to try and fix or at least alleviate the immediate problem himself. If this is successful then the operator will know what to do next time. If not he may have been able to keep the machine going after a fashion until the engineer arrives.
  • all contract engineer call-outs (free of charge) will be met within the maximum of 8 working hours
  • the standard of two Preventative Maintenance visits per annum is rigidly adhered to. Any problems which do not affect the running of the machine are noted during call-outs, logged and dealt with at the PM visit or at a sooner call-out. Thorough Preventative Maintenance sessions are the secret to minimising down-time
  • all parts are included in 20/20 Maintenance Contracts with minor exceptions such as fold rollers and blades. This means that there is never any argument about whether the customer wants to afford the cost of an expensive part.
  • when an Effective engineer calls he will have with him a comprehensive spares kit for the machine in question together with all tools, power and otherwise, to make, repair or modify a part on-site. This is backed up by the extensive 20/20 backup spares department. 

The following machines are a selection from our maintenance list :-

Bell & Howell - 7200 & 10,000 series Phillipsbergs, PostStars, Sprinter, Vitesse 

                    - MasterMailers, JUMBOs, Vitesse, AIMS systems

Mailcrafter   -  9800, JUMBOs,                                                                    

Mandagraph & Couvertec - inserters

StreamFeeder - all models

Surefeed - all models

Docutronix - 305

Norpak - all models

AMS - Mailbag, Autowrap

Easywrap - drop in wrapper


Pitney Bowes - 1861, 5600, U561, 6100, 1225, 1250, B103 

Neopost - SI70

Morgana - UFO1, UFO2, UFO5, UFO6, Junior, Docufold

GUK - FA23, 35, 49, SAF35, 49, + cross

MB - all folder models

Mercure  - all models        

PFE/PHL - 1194T, 1190, 1193T, 9023, 2030 & other desk-top folder/inserters

Steilow - SESAM III letter extractor                                                      

Minipak - L-sealers

Rypak - baggers

Ideal - guillotines

Martin Yale - folders

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